Which Fat-Burning Steroids is Best for Drying?

You should give yourself a pat on the back for seeing all of your hard work paying off.

Fat-Burning Steroids

Read Kai Green diet. You should give yourself a pat on the back for seeing all of your hard work paying off. Your body is no longer the same as when you started thanks to the high-calorie diet that you have been taking as well as spending hours on end in the gym. It might be that you have used performance enhancement drugs as well as supplements to reach your current size. 

Although it is impressive to see your body bulking up, you might have noticed that the muscles are not as defined as you think. This is because after you have bulked up, your muscles are not getting any relief, hence there is less definition on them. In order to achieve a leaner and stronger looking physique, you need to learn how to transition from gaining weight to drying. Here we will talk about what drying is all about in bodybuilding as well as identify which fat-burning steroids are good for you. 

What Exactly is Drying? 

Since gaining muscle mass is the primary goal of bodybuilders, they often supplement their training with steroids. This is not uncommon as professional bodybuilders are using PEDS to improve their muscle mass and strength in order to train more. However, they will need to go on a drying phase before they join a competition. This way, they will be able to shed excess fats while helping sculpt the muscles. 

Drying is the process where an athlete undergoes a program where they go on a diet and exercise with the main goal of making the bigger muscles more sculpted. This program, when done correctly, can speed up the fat burning process so you will be able to show off your lean body. A successful drying program is one where your calorie intake is reduced while you train more and harder at the same time. 

Drying and Weight Loss – Are They the Same?

There are some people who often assume that weight loss and drying are the same. This is not surprising since both processes aim to reduce the excess fats in the body. However, they do have some differences that you should know of. 

  • Drying 

This process is recommended to athletes and bodybuilders who are nearing their date of competition. Their primary goal is to be able to show their sculpted body to the judges and their fellow competitors. What judges look for in a bodybuilder is the shape of the body and the contours of the muscles. 

  • Weight Loss
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As the name suggests, this process is basically making your body shed those excess pounds without worrying about muscle loss. 

Between the two, drying is the one that not only causes your body fat to disappear, but it also helps define your muscles. Losing weight can be achieved by reducing your food intake, sticking with your normal routine, and following a healthy diet. Drying, on the other hand, requires several processes to encourage the muscles to become toned and sculpted with minimal body fat. 

A Guide for Drying 

Drying may sound like a complicated process for some, but not if you follow these rules.

  1. Reduce the amount of carbohydrates you are eating in your diet.
  2. You should eat dinner three hours prior to bedtime. 
  3. Take advantage of a fractional diet where you consume food 5 to 6 times in a day. The amount of food that you eat should be minimal at best. 
  4. Talk to a specialist regarding working out while in the drying phase. This way, you will be able to develop a plan for this phase to help you sculpt your muscles while shedding excess fats. 
  5. Make sure that you stay hydrated during your training as well as the entire day. 
  6. Any dairy product that has a fat content of 15% and above should be removed from your diet. Keep in mind that you are in the drying phase and must retain your calorie intake low. 
  7. You should consume 80% of the recommended calorie intake for the day until 6pm. Take note that the number of calories that you will need to consume will be different from other users. 
  8. If you are going to follow the body drying program, you will need to do the following. Do four cardio workouts within the week with each workout lasting half an hour to 45 minutes. Additionally, there should be 2 1 hour power trainings in the day. You can do this guide: 20 reps for each set, rest for 30 second between sets, and rest for 5 minutes between each workout. 
  9. Have something to eat an hour and a half before and after your training session. 
  10. Monitor any changes in your weight every three days just to see how much you have been losing through the Drying program. You should also use this as your motivator. 

Introducing the Best Steroids for Drying 

It is going to be a long and difficult process for you to achieve a dry and toned physique when you are not using any steroids along the way. Consuming performance enhancement drugs actually enhances the fat burning process without affecting the muscle gains as well as strength that you have achieved through your intense workout. 

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Although most steroids that you will find in the market have some form of fat-burning abilities, there are certain bands that do the work far better than the others. Take note that the fat loss that you are enjoying while on steroids will not be affected by fluid retention. The medications used for the drying process are carefully studied to ensure that those that can break down fats without aromatization occurring. That being said, here are the top steroids that you can use if you are leaning towards having a lean and toned physique.


This synthetic steroid boasts of having both androgenic and anabolic properties. It can be ingested or injected. It is a derivative of the male hormone testosterone but there are certain properties that differentiate it. For starters, it doesn’t have any effects on the growth of your muscle mass. This is why it is usually combined with other steroids if your goal is to double on  your mass.

Another thing that you should know about this steroid is that it doesn’t aromatize. Basically, the amount of excess liquid that is retained in your body after its cycle will be minimal at best. It has also been found to have an effect on lipolysis where the adipose tissue in your body is broken down while removing excess fluids. This results in a body that is lean with muscles looking more pronounced compared to before. 

Recommended Dosage

For those who are aiming for a leaner body and sculpted muscles, you will need to follow the best dosage for you. If you are taking Stanozolol in tablet form, men are recommended to take between 50 to 100mg per day while women should stick with 5 to 10mg per day. 

On the other hand, if you will choose the injectable form, men are advised to take 25 to 50mg per day, but for women, you should stick with 20mg every four days. How long should you take this? For men, you can take Stanozolol for 6 to 8 weeks while women are advised to go with 4 to 6 weeks instead. 

However, if you are going to take the maximum dosage for this steroid, you shouldn’t take it for more than 10 days. Advanced athletes who have some experience with this medication can take their cycle to 10 to 12 weeks. 

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Side Effects 

Though Stanozolol is considered to be the best fast-burning steroid in the market, it still comes with some side effects. For starters, it can cause your blood pressure and your cholesterol levels to spike. Also, it can cause your liver enzymes to go up too which is why it is not recommended that you go beyond the 6 to 8 weeks cycle. 

It is also possible for some androgenic side effects to occur such as hair thinning and even acne outbreak on those who are more prone to it. 


Another option that you can use for drying is Primobolan. It is believed that Mr. Olympia himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, used this to  achieve his well sculpted body. This is an anabolic type of steroid with little to no androgenic side effects for you to worry about. It is no longer used for gaining more muscle mass. Instead it is used purely for preserving your gains. 

Taking Primobolan will also have an effect on lipolysis and since it has a low androgenic effect, you don’t have to dread being at risk of gynecomastia or even water retention. 

Recommended Dosage

The suggested dosage for this steroid is 50 to 100mg per day for Primobolan Oral with a cycle of 8 weeks. You will need to do a post cycle therapy 2 to 3 days after the last day you took the medication. For Primobolan Depot, the recommended dose is 400mg once every week. The post-cycle therapy should start three weeks after the last day of injection. 

Side Effects

The good news is that this is one of the safest steroids in the market much like Anavar. There are minimal side effects to it regardless if you take it in tablet or injectable form. It will increase your liver enzymes but not like with Stanozolol. Still, you need to use a PCT after to help with normalizing your vitals. 

Wrap Up

If you are aiming for a leaner and more sculpted body as an athlete, you can do a combination of fat-burning steroids like the ones mentioned above, as well as aerobic exercises, and high-protein, low-calorie diet. As it was mentioned before, the drying cycle should last between 4 to 6 weeks only for it to be effective. Take note that once the drying cycle is done, make sure that you follow it up with a post-cycle therapy. 

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